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This article was originally published the Lexington Herald-Leader November 12, 2020 06:54 PM, Updated November 12, 2020 07:32 PM

Close to 50 students, faculty and staff marched the concrete pathways of the University of Kentucky campus Thursday to protest for COVID-19-related hazard pay, greater teleworking flexibility and a meeting with UK President Eli Capilouto.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 22, 2021) Today, students and campus workers gathered outside on the University of Kentucky campus today to tell their stories of low pay, poor safety, and a marked lack of respect for the concerns of students and employees at UK.

This article originally appeared in Inside Higher Ed on October , 2020.

Donald Moore has worked as a custodian at the University of Kentucky for nearly two decades. He likes the job and his coworkers.

“I love being there, servicing students,” he said. “Being of service to somebody else is the main focus of being there.”

But after 19 years, Moore still makes less than $15 an hour. He is 57.