About Us

UCW KY: A Union for All Campus Workers

United Campus Workers Kentucky is open to any and all campus workers (faculty, staff, facilities, healthcare, and graduate workers) at any Kentucky college or university campus. Throughout the Commonwealth, we are fighting to stop the unnecessary cuts and furloughs to our departments, to address racism in our departments and throughout our colleges and universities, to give all campus workers a living wage and affordable healthcare insurance, to win respect from our supervisors and managers, and to ensure the safety of campus workers and students during the pandemic. At the University of Kentucky, we are already having meetings with the administration on these issues and have:

  • Successfully pressured Eli Capilouto to take a 10% pay cut during the pandemic,
  • Along with other campus groups, pressured the UK administration to extend an extra semester of funding to graduate students whose research was affected by COVID-19,
  • Pressured the administration to bring back furloughed staff at UK, who were subsequently brought back on a faster timetable than originally announced,
  • Successfully pressured the UK administration to create an installment payment plan for adding dependents onto the graduate worker health plan (as opposed to charging a lump sum for adding dependents as they had before).
  • Along with the UK Staff Senate, successfully pressured the UK administration to extend asymptomatic COVID-19 testing to all main campus workers, not only the students we serve. In conjunction with student allies, we were then able to pressure the administration to offer further testing measures for students, as well.
  • Successfully pressured UK to extend an "Equity Adjustment" of about $1 to experienced grounds workers after months of workers bravely speaking up as a union (and directly after the workers marched on November 12th, 2020).
  • Successfully pressured Eli Capilouto to reverse undemocratic decisions around dean appointments in conjunction with the University Senate.
  • Successfully pressured UK to raise the base pay to 15/hr for hourly staff, offer 2 weeks paid parental leave, and a $1,000 COVID bonus for the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Successfully pressured UK to raise graduate worker stipends in the college of Arts & Sciences by 10% (Fall 2021).

    Join the Union

    To join the union, you can either sign a paper form or a virtual one via this link.

    To learn more, contact our organizer, Zeke Perkins, at (845) 217-4137, or contact the union Steering Committee at [email protected].

    Be sure to check our FAQ page as well.